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41 Years of #SWAwesome Holidays!

Frequent Flyer C
You know every family has their fair share of awkward holiday photos through the years.  The crazy haircuts, the holiday sweaters, and the strange props make these Holiday photos memorable for years and years!  Sometimes, if you were lucky enough, mom would share those photos via Holiday card with friends, relatives, and fortunately for us…co-workers!  At Southwest Airlines we have a time honored tradition of celebrating the Holidays to the extreme! 

Our Employees LUV to get in the spirit and share holiday cheer!  In the halls of the Southwest Airlines Headquarters, in Dallas, TX, lurk some of the best treasured memories of past holidays.  In the images below, we’ll share with you the best of the best Southwest Airlines Holiday Cards and photos that have been shared through the years.  These cards and photos have been shared with the Company by real Employees and Customers. 

Our Social Media Team provided captions to help bring the images to life, but feel free to share with us your best photo captions!  Or, upload your own funny holiday photos and share with us on Instagram or Twitter using the Hashtag #SWAwesome
Pinterest Image Day 1
Southwest: Having FUN and modeling our tackiest Christmas sweaters since 1971!  Happy Holidays!
Pinterest Image Day 2
1988 called... and wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays!  Oh, and it also made you a mix tape full of its favorite hair bands. Rock on!

Pinterest Image Day 3
Santa Claus and his upgraded sleigh.

Pinterest Day 4

Hope your Holiday Season is Puuurrrrrfect!

Pinterest Day 5
I don't always fly on an airplane during the holidays, but when I do, I fly Southwest Airlines. - Santa

Pinterest Day 7
Santa’s Helpers Fly SWA!

Pinterest Day 7

Southwest Airlines: Your Personal Air Chauffeur!

Pinterest Day 8

Who needs reindeer when there’s TJ LUV?

Pinterest Day 9

Santa touches down in Columbus for a photo op! 

Pinterest Day 10

A Classic display of Warrior Spirit and holiday cheer!

Pinterest Day 11

Christmas in Texas Y’all!

Pinterest Day 12

Because nothing says Happy Holidays like ornaments with heads in them!

Pinterest Day 13

'tis the season of giving!  Happy Holidays!

Pinterest Day 14

Hope your holiday season is a splash!

Pinterest Day 15

Southwest Airlines is proud to give you the Freedom to Fly. And we even got you these golden reindeer! Okay, fine. They're chocolate. Season's Greetings! 

Pinterest Day 16

Did anyone ask the golden bear if this was okay with him?  ...and has anyone seen my red vest?

Pinterest Day 17

Don't worry, girls, Phil called and he is on his way.  But he has some questions about this year's outfit.

Pinterest: Day 18

You know you're in Texas when people are wearing shorts in a Christmas picture and still smiling.

Pinterest: Day 19

There's something on the wing.  Some... THING!

Pinterest: Day 20

Tom's gotten really good at whittling, but he can't stop showing off his work. 

Pinterest Day 21

Wait so... does this thing have a chimney?

Pinterest: Day 22

There are precisely two normal things going on in this picture. Can you name them?

Pinterest Day 23

Charity break!  If you clicked on this picture, go and spread some holiday cheer in your community!

Pinterest Day 24

Okay, once you see the sleigh, we gotta move fast if we're gonna take off after him!

Pinterest Day 25

Uh, Santa?  I think we better turn around and pick up the other reindeer.

Pinterest: Day 26

Get out there and give back this Christmas season!

Pinterest day 27

Gals, do you think anyone noticed that I reused my Robin Hood costume from Halloween?

Pinterest Day 28

Two satisfied Customers!

Pinterest Day 29

Exact replica of one of our planes. But right?

Pinterest Day 30

I think the shoes have poms on them, and that is in no way disappointing.


 Pinterest Day 31

It's no apple, but I think we can detach the star and time it appropriately to ring in the New Year!