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43 for 43: Celebrate Southwest’s 43rd Birthday

Today at Southwest Airlines, we’re celebrating our 43rd birthday, and we couldn’t be more excited!  This milestone marks another year of bringing our Customers the highest quality of Service, delivered with lots of LUV!  Over the years, we’ve adapted to the ever-changing airline industry and stayed true to our Company Spirit, conquering numerous fare wars and, of course, the Wright Amendment.  From our legendary vintage Flight Attendant hot pants to our famous peanuts, we've gathered 43 things that symbolize Southwest.
43Things_FINALnumbered 1. SkyMall Magazine 2. 1984 T.J. LUV Lunchbox 3. Flight Safety Card 4. Inflight Menu 5. Printed Boarding Pass 6. Life Jacket 7. Uniform Long-sleeved Button Down 8. Captain’s Hat 9. 2014 Freddie Award 10. Deja Blue Can 11. Oxygen Mask 12. Inflight Necktie 13. Herb’s Book: NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success 14. Safety Vest 15. LIFT Coffee Cup 16. Open Ended Mechanic’s Wrench 17. Marshalling Wands 18. Desert Gold Duck 19. Canyon Blue Duck 20. One LUV Duck 21. Inflight Apron 22. Paper Baggage ID Tag 23. Smilie Face Cupcake 24. Plastic Baggage ID Tag 25. Logistics Cargo Award 26. Hearing Bands 27. Customer Support and Services and Customer Relations Headset 28. First Officer Epaulets 29. Vintage Flight Attendant Hot Pants 30. Southwest Pretzels 31. Southwest Peanuts 32. Onboard Coffee Creamer 33. One LUV Coin 34. Inflight Scarf 35. Spirit One 737-700 model 36. Vintage Plastic Boarding Passes 37. SPIRIT Inflight Magazine 38. Wild Turkey Whiskey 39. U.S. Passport 40. Southwest Drink Tray 41. Seatbelt Extension 42. San Antonio Cargo Sticker 43. Liberty Blue Uniform Workshirt
What do you think represents Southwest Airlines and our Company Spirit?   Share your ideas in the comments below!