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60 Seconds Street

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I know what you’re thinking (if you are of a certain age group) that I stole that headline from the early 80s sitcom, Bosom Buddies starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari. You would be correct. But if you are thinking that this blog, and the accompanying Red Belly Radio podcast is about 1980s sitcoms, you’d be wrong. Although I do like the potential of that as a show topic… This podcast is about a 60 second commercial. An award winning radio commercial to be exact!

My guest on this episode of Red Belly Radio is a guy named Phil Davies, and he used to work for our advertising agency. When he was there he wrote a radio script that for whatever reason never got made into an actual spot. This happens all the time in the ad game, but someone over at Oink Ink Radio apparently asked themselves “I wonder if we had a contest for spots that never got produced, if anyone would enter?” Well, yes they will! They call the contest Dead Radio and they actually bring the winning spot to life!

It works out that Phil wrote this spot, it never got used, he pulled it out of a drawer several months later and entered it. Had the spot been for any other company, I would probably not be talking about this right now, so for those of you who have already figured this out, just jump to the next paragraph.

Yes, Phil won the contest and it was a spot for Southwest Airlines. Part of the prize is to actually produce the commerical, and I feature it on this podcast.

Give this episode a listen to hear the creative stylings of Phil Davies. Bart Simpson and Tom and Ray Magliozzi (Car Talk on NPR) would be proud.