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A Case of the Hiccups

Explorer B

Working as a Customer Rep, sometimes funny things happen.  We all get tongue-tied at times, but this particular day I had a bad case of the hiccups while on the phone with a Customer - which resulted in a story that is both funny and a little scary.

I returned to work after lunch and had a particularly terrible case of the hiccups.  I tried everything to get rid of them, but they just wouldn't go away.  I thought when I got back on the phone they would go away, but they stayed with me through the following conversation:

Me:  Thank you for calling Southwest Airlines, [hic], this is Krista.

Customer:  Hello.

Me:  I am sorry, but I have the hiccups. How can [hic] I help you?

Customer:  What?

Me:   I am very sorry, but I have the hiccups.  I have been drinking [hic] water but they won't seem to go away, I apologize.

Customer:  I can't believe it that is so rude.  It is just so unprofessional.  I want to speak to a supervisor, now!

Me:  Really I am so sorry,  I don't know what to do.  I can certainly let you speak to a supervisor, but I am very sorry.

Customer:  Supervisor?

Me:  Yes, just let me put you on hold, just one moment and again I am sorry.

Customer:  Krista...

Me: Yes?

Customer:  Are the hiccups gone?

Me:  Yes, I think they are. Yes, they are gone!

Customer:  I can't believe it, it worked! I really did scare you. 

I was never so relieved, and needless to say, glad the hiccups stayed gone!  So we never know what is going to happen, but thankfully we have Customers who will laugh with us and allow us to have fun at our jobs.

Explorer C
lol! 🙂
Explorer B
hilarious. Our Customers crack me up.
Explorer C
Priceless! I love a great sense of humor from everyone!