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A Long Overdue Thank You from a Ronald McDonald House Family

Explorer C

In November 1987, my daughter Beth and I were the only occupants of the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Worth, Texas. The staff informed us that Southwest Airlines Employees were scheduled to come on Tuesday and cook dinner for the families. However, they apologized in advance, saying that because we were the only family in the house, the volunteers from Southwest might cancel and come another day.


Beth1.jpg To our surprise, the Southwest Employees came to the house and made chili for just me and Beth. I can remember eating dinner with a pilot, two flight attendants, and a vice president. They also brought along plenty of gifts for Beth. They played with her, read her stories, and made her feel very special. There were plenty of gifts; in fact, there were so many that we donated most of them to remain in the house for other children.


I was not forgotten either. They all shared personal stories with me and allowed me to share mine. Your team was very compassionate to my needs and gave me a short period of time to relax and smile again. I am not sure all of your Customers know of Southwest Airlines’ personal touch towards these families and their children—way beyond any corporate donations. You really care.


Now 29 years later, I live very far from this time and place, but thanks to Southwest I get to visit frequently. Next month will be 28 years since I lost my Beth to cancer. I will return to Fort Worth Children’s Hospital for a remembrance ceremony for her. But I wanted to let all the people at Southwest know that I still remember what you did for me and my daughter Beth. Thank You ...