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A Surprise Birthday Bash from Southwest

Explorer C

Birthday2.jpgSouthwest gave a wonderful surprise birthday present to my wife by announcing her birthday 32,000 feet above the ground. I knew we would be flying home from San Diego on her birthday, and I wondered if the Crew and other Passengers could help me make her day a little more special. I personally asked the Pilot and one of the Flight Attendants if there was anything we could do to celebrate. They assured me there was something they could do to help.


During the flight, the Pilot announced my wife’s name over the PA system with a special birthday message. After the Pilot’s announcement, one of the Flight Attendants then requested that those Passengers sitting by the window seats pull down the window covers. She then asked every Passenger to turn on their overhead lights (so we could pretend they were candles) and directed everyone in singing “Happy Birthday” to my wife. The Flight Attendant later presented my wife with a make-up cake and a birthday card.


While we were exiting the plane, the Pilot called my wife over to the Flight Deck and invited her to go in and may sit next to the Pilot’s seat to take pictures with him.


I was so pleased to see my wife treated so well on her birthday. I am grateful to the Crew and Passengers for helping me make my soul mate’s special day a memorable one for a life time. Happy Birthday Sweet Heart. And way to go, Southwest. You are the best!



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