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Airport staff open door, hearts for goodbye

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MANCHESTER – Saying goodbye to a son or daughter deploying overseas can be one of life's most difficult moments, but Richard Jones of Amherst says the staff at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport recently made that moment a little easier for his family.

Jones and his wife, Beth, went to the airport about 5 a.m. Wednesday to see off their son, Dustin, who is on his way to Afghanistan. A sniper with the Marine Corps, Dustin Jones was heading back to his base in Hawaii and is slated to officially deploy this weekend.

Jones said it was an emotional farewell, something the staff at the airport must have noticed. After he and his wife watched their son walk through security, they were approached by a Transportation Security Administration officer who asked whether their son was deploying.

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New Arrival
No doubt the TSA worker used to work for SWA, we have allowed escort passes for military travel and no limit on family or friends if I am the agent on duty. Be careful if I see a camera because I will insist on taking pictures and have posted them on Facebook asking for prayers to ensure a safe anc quick return.