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BLOG: Southwest Airlines…Bags Fly Free

Frequent Flyer A

I myself, look to Southwest before looking to any other airline today.  They make travel so simple.

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Explorer C
i'm just curious: my husband and i were having a discussion last night about the ad campaign southwest is running re: bags fly free. i say they are specifically targetting spirit air { it looks like one of their planes in the little window in the commercial} and he says no, they aren't . any thoughts? thanks!
Frequent Flyer B
Our "Bags Fly Free" position is so unique in the industry these days, that I would say that we aren't targeting any one specific airline, but simply trying to let our Customers know that with Southwest Airlrines you'll get a better deal!
Explorer C
Your bags fly free, but now this distasteful "pay to get in line first" is being promoted. I hope that idea doesn't take off with my fellow passengers. I would just prefer to have an assigned seat.