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Baby on Board

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Traveling with children? Got the baby blues? Let Southwest Airlines help you out with some excellent travel tips. In this video we highlight our changing tables in all forward lavatories, and how to use a Child-Restraint System. DING! You are now free to move about the country...with your peanut! 
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This is an adorable video. Love the thumbs up at the end. Too cute.

Erica from Dallas

Explorer C
As a Flight Attendant, a few things I would like to point out with this video.... 1st.. We should point out that the changing tables are in the FORWARD lavatory only. Restrictions prohibit lines forming in the FORWARD section of the cabin. Passengers can coordinate with the Flight Attendants to block the lavatory for someone who has to change a baby. 2nd.. NEVER place a dirty diaper in the lavatory trash can or flush it down the toilet. Flight Attendants will happily provide a trash bag and dispose of the diaper in the galley trash can. Lavatory trash is not changed during the day. 3rd.. Flight Attendants cannot strap the carseats into the seatbelts and you should also verify that the carseat is approved for aircraft use. Booster seats are not allowed.
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a/c 550 and 551 have a changing table in the aft galley.
Frequent Flyer A
Thank you for the helpful comments! is a great resource for learning more:
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I'm a newbie from Kansas. Really like this forum so far and am looking forward to contributing!
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I am new here and I was wondering if you could tell me why my account keeps logging out? Is this normal?
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I would like to know if it is possible to stay logged in, as it seem to be having a problem with cookies
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Ok post 9/11 you cannot form a line near the front of the plane, yet the changing tables are only in the front of the aircraft. I spent my last flight getting told to sit down and wait until the bathroom is free. If I'm sitting in the back of the plane I cannot get to the front before some other passenger beats me to it. Than I have to return to my seat yet again and hope I can lunge fast enough with my 6 month old in tow to the hopefully still available restroom. This is absurd and needs to be changed to the rear restroom so I don't break any TSA rules just trying to get my baby changed.