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Southwest Airlines Community

Back in the Day

Adventurer C
One Sunday evening I strolled across the street to the home of my neighbor, Denny, to hang out for a little while, and he introduced me to a gentlemen who was visiting him named Joe. Our conversations went from real state to lawn care to our place of employment, and that's about the time Joe asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I was an Aircraft Mechanic for Southwest Airlines. 1976.jpg After Joe heard the name Southwest Airlines his face literally lit up...and it was not from the adult beverages we were consuming at the time.  1972.jpg He said how much he loved Southwest Airlines and began to reminisce about the early years of flying Southwest Airlines in the 70s. He remembered the $39 fares and how he and his friends would hop on a plane from San Antonio to Dallas just to party on the flight.  1971.jpg  Joe went on to share some specific stories about flights he took on Southwest Airlines, some I wish I could have been on. It was nice to hear that a Customer was that excited about talking about Southwest Airlines. It started getting late, so I told the guys that I had to go, and Joe had one request.... He said "If you see Herb, tell him to bring back the Hot Pants and Go Go Boots". 1977.jpg Sorry Joe... I don't think that will happen.