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Black History Month Through My Eyes


The acknowledgements and the celebrations of Black History Month are very significant in my life. I was born and spent time in the state of Kentucky prior to integration. During that time I was not allowed to attend kindergarten because of the color of my skin, and therefore did not receive that preparation prior to attending the first grade. In 1964, the school system was integrated, and I personally felt the pain of discrimination and inequality. From those experiences, I made a lifelong decision that I would never mistreat anyone due to their race, color, financial status, etc.

Today, I find as many opportunities as possible to encourage and motivate others to pursue their dreams and not be discouraged by the mistreatment by others toward them. We have to be overcomers and find strength in our faith.  I volunteer my time with the Dallas Moorland YMCA where I totally support their motto, “the mission of the YMCA is to put Christian values into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.”

The inventions and accomplishments of those before us have enabled many to pursue and realize their dreams. Being able to pause during the month of February and take time to remember individuals who have blazed trails and set examples, reminds us of the responsibility we have to continue the journey. I thank Southwest Airlines for giving me the opportunity to pursue my desires and goals. It is a Company that embraces and appreciates individual differences, welcoming those with a heart to serve others, positioning us for continued success.