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Bob Montgomery Chats About LaGuardia Announcement

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I'm Concerned about ISP. This airport is really great for Long Islanders and we don't want to lose SWA at all. ISP has a history of airlines using it until they get NYC airport rights then bail out went they get into LGA or JFK. IE: Spirit Airlines
Anonymous, don't worry about ISP. It's a large and loyal market that is perfect for Southwest! LaGuardia is perfectly comlimentary to our ISP service. We're not blind to the 3-plus million people that live in Nassau and Suffolk counties for whom ISP is more convenient!!!!! ISP may gain a few and lose a few flights from season to season--but Southwest doesn't plan to abandon youse guys!!!!! Bill
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I was hoping for Stewart AFB for us Jersey / Southern NY state kids. But LGA is getting there! (ISP is great! Where I'm from it's about equidistant from PHL and ISP. But it's about 100 times easier to get in and out of ISP than PHL. Ever try to find a gas station near PHL?)
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I would love to see a Manchester to LGA.
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Bill, I'm assuming that all 7 departures going to MDW is a big possibility. However, I must ask, (due to LGA restrictions) would you even consider a Saturday-only nonstop to LAS? Thanks...and this is quite a surprise!
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SWA is going to continue to serve ISP customers for many years to come!!!! LGA is going to compliment NYC area customers who love SWA. Take a look at successful examples of same metro area airports SWA serves; (Los Angeles Area: BUR-LAX-ONT-SNA); (San Francisco Bay Area: OAK-SJC-SFO); (South Florida: FLL-PBI); (Boston Area: MHT-PVD). Although it's too early to speculate, I'm assuming that there will be a slow opening at LGA with most likely non-stops to BWI to play safe. Lets hope the approvals are plain formality for LGA.