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Camp I-Thonka-Chi, Here We Come!

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I'm happy to report that the time has come once again to join some of my Fellow Southwest Airlines Employees as we share our LUV with our cherished Friends at Camp I-Thonka-Chi (for more information on the remarkable children and young adults who visit this incredible Camp, please see my blog post from 8/12/08).  


Before heading out to Camp, each child must go through a brief but important registration process which verifies family contacts, cabin assignments, and other pertinent information.  This past Sunday, Southwest volunteers were honored to assist the Parkland Memorial Hospital staff with this registration process, which included loading luggage on the bus and handing out water as we visited with the children and their families.



This year, a very special guest, Mimi the dog, was there to see the kids off as they boarded the buses that would transport them from Dallas to Camp I-Thonka-Chi.  One of the sweetest dogs ever, Mimi is a burn survivor herself, rescued by Operation Kindness after surviving a house fire.  Mimi loves the kids, and the kids love Mimi.   


Registration went off without a hitch.  After loading up the buses, we waved goodbye and let the kids know that we'd see them later this week (Thursday) for the traditional closing night dance.


Soon, my Fellow Southwest volunteers and I will board our own bus bound for Camp I-Thonka-Chi to celebrate our heroes, and I’m counting my blessings—spending time with these treasured young ones is high on my list.