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Celebrating Black History Month: Southwest Airlines becomes a proud national sponsor of the Black Voice

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We are honored to have a guest post from Hardy Brown II, the Executive Director of The Black Voice Foundation:

Over the last 12 years, educators from Southern California's Inland
region, have learned first hand about the incredible courage of the
individuals who sought freedom or who helped others achieve it along the routes of the Underground Railroad from Kentucky to Canada. Educatorstalk with the descendants of these Americans and retrace their footsteps which are being preserved through a major effort of the National Park Service, The Black Voice Foundation Inc., and now Southwest Airlines.

Educators from Southern California will be able to bring this period alive
in the classroom as a result of this travel study experience where they
listen to family stories of those whose ancestors risked everything for freedom.

By visiting and learning first hand about safe houses, which allowed the
freedom seekers to rest and eat by day as they traveled by night,
participating teachers help students to better understand the price of the freedom we have come to take for granted. After more than 900 miles that freedom seekers walked to a land they called Canaan, or Canada, participants meet the descendants of many of these valiant people, visiting the homes of Josiah Henson (the real "Uncle Tom") and others as they travel the footsteps of freedom.

Adding Southwest Airlines as a partner allows the programs of the Black Voice Foundation Inc. to increase its current programs and expand to now include “The Opportunity of a Lifetime” professional development program.  With Southwest's support, these students
will have the opportunity to learn about Historically Black Colleges & Universities and the career options available to them through Internships. These programs change the lives of educators and students.


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BVF and Southwest are making a difference in the young person's life.