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Adventurer B
WebChicago.jpgLast week, the Windy City saw more of that wind they are famous for. Meanwhile, across Lake Michigan, it was snowing like mad. But what a view in the clear! As much as I do this, I never get bored looking at the beautiful scenery going by. My daughter, now in flight training, agrees. I guess it's in the genes as my dad was also a pilot. What makes this view even better is the fact that I called Chicago home as a kid. Thanks to all the SWA Customers who give me the opportunity to see the USA -and get paid doing so!
Aviator C
Ray, that is a specatucular photo of Chciago's Loop. Chicago is one of my favorite cities, but I don't care much for the new space-age facade of Solider Field (in the center of the pic.) It's a shame that your flight plan didn't take you a bit farther north, so we could see an aerial view of 1060 West Addison Street! Brian
Explorer B
1060 West Addison is the home of one Elwood Blues! A co-worker and I have a running "feud" about whether I am from Chicago or the burbs. He had a CHI address and I had a burb address, but I only lived 3 miles farther away from Grant Park then he. People from CHITOWN are the best and are very easy to get along with. I love calling Chicago home! Beautiful picture and just wait 'til next year. Don K.
Frequent Flyer B
I changed planes again at MDW on my way to & from CMH last week. Usually, when I do go to Chicago, I'm changing planes. I've visited there before, though, & think it's a nice city! I like it.
Explorer C
I left Chicago, Midway, on Southwest Airlines to return to Fort Lauderdale. For whatever reason my luggage was lost. I thought that the workers were cavalier about this detriment to me. My work day starts at 7 am, but my bag will not be at the airport for me to pick up until after 10:50 (probably). Then, for my inconvenience I am being offered a $50 voucher. Let me get this straight, because I lost an entire morning of business and have to go buy new toiletries just for their incompetence I get a $50 voucher, good enough to get me from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami? But if an airlines overbooks a flight and someone volunteers to give up his/her seat and wait for the next plane they get a free roundtrip pass? I think that this will be my last time on Southwest Airlines-- that is after I spend that $50 all in one place, of course.
Explorer C
Brian, are you sure you didnÃ
Explorer C
Man, I flew on Southwest a few years back. My high school French class was taking a li'l trip to Paris and we took Southwest from Cleveland to New York. Our flight was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to Charles De Gaulle in Paris. The next flight over the drink wasn't until the next morning, so Southwest put us up in a nice hotel that night and bought us dinner. It was my first experience of New York pizza, you know, "a slice." Hey, flights are missed, life goes on. You can't tell me that you've never been late for anything. Southwest stepped up and took care of us. Kudos.
Explorer A
Brady - I work in the baggage service office for Southwest at SNA so delayed bags are kinda my specialty. Not having access to my work computer (I'm presently at home), I can't speak to the reason why your bag didn't arrive with you. I can say that I'm sorry that it didn't - which I sincerely am. Despite the fact we do an awesome job getting people and their things on their merry way, we do make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes a destination tag is misread, or a bag is held up in security or is mistakenly removed from a direct (not a non-stop) flight... Most people have no idea how many different people handle their bag from the time they check it in to the time they pick it up from the carousel (roughly 5). All it takes is one of them to make a single mistake and you'll get a delayed bag - this is the case with all commerical airlines. I will say that since the security directive on liqiuds has been in place, we have seen the volume of delayed bags increase slightly. I think this is due to the increased volume of bags being checked in coupled with the fact that the TSA hasn't hired additional people to screen them. You have more bags being screened by the same amount of people that were in place prior to the restrictions. That said, you don't have your bag and you're frustrated - which is perfectly understandable. Please know that the person who is behind the desk in the baggage service office is doing their best to reunite you with your bag as quickly as possible. Sometimes, a customer arrives on the last flight of the day or there isn't another flight from where your bag is to where you are. These are the most difficult situations as our hands are tied until morning. Either which way, I sincerely apologize for the hassle you've experienced. Oh, and for the record, there are no round-trip vouchers handed out at the gate. Wishing you the all best, Laurie
Explorer C
My pleasure, my first flight with Southwest was a few years ago and I'm now a Southwest flyer for life because of people like you.
Explorer C
How much fun is the flight over the lake, then into Midway when it's a clear day! Your Phoenix based pilot is correct about the beauty of Chicago. I only wish people in Minneapolis could get the view of the city from a SWA flight. When are you coming to Minneapolis?
Explorer A
My wife, my stepson, and I had the pleasure of going to Chicago from Oklahoma for my stepsons 18th birthday. Left early in the am came home in the pm same day. Went to the Museum of Natural History, and the Sears tower, nice view. At fisrt there were to many clouds but they cleared off and you could see a long way. Wish we had anouther day back then to go to the Aqurium. Really did love the time there.
Explorer C
I live in Chicago, I only fly Southwest. They are the greatest group of people to spend 2 to 4 hours with. Just need to know when are you going to Savannah?
Adventurer B
I got home a four & a half hours ago from CMH, after attending my second CSA interview on Friday, the 3rd. I changed planes at MDW again & noticed Sears Tower when coming in to land & after take off on my way to CMH Thursday. I didn't see it again today, so I must have been sitting on the wrong side of the plane! That's okay. SWA LUV! SWA is So Wonderfully Awesome! 🙂
Explorer C
CHICAGO!!! CHICAGO!!! I feel cheated we flew through Midway in early October in the evening, unfortunately the weather was bad so we missed out on the views. (SW how about some pictures of Chicago). Still in all this was the first time back to Chicago since entering Navy boot camp, in 1968 and departing home after bootcamp. Still in all we did have a great time at the shops in Midway. Due to our flights having to change to the next day, and when we arrived back in Albany our luggage decided to take a separate flight. So what if it was a couple of hours difference, from our flight and the luggage's flight. The great people at SW, made sure it got there even though a couple hours later, and the SW people in Albany were right on the ball. We went and got our car from Park, ride, and fly, had lunch and got our luggage a couple of hours later. Yes it was the end of our flight, so it didn't matter as much as a person continuing on, but with the amount of luggage handled there are bound to be some problems. SW people are great but like the rest of us they are human and make mistakes, also. Give them a break. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SW!!!! JACSR
Adventurer A
We will be coming through Chicago (MDW) on Monday (the 15th) on the way to Dulles (IAD) from Sacramento (SMF). This will be our first trip to see my parents since they moved. The schedule you have for Jan 15th was a great one. A nice 8:15 AM (SMF time) with a tight but not too tight connection with a 3:05 PM (MDW time) flight to IAD. However, I look ahead in the schedule and notice that you changed the 2 SMF-MDW N/S flight departures dramatically after March 9th. The 8:15 flight become a 6 something (too early) and the 11:30ish flight became a 1:00 flight. That makes my 7 and a half hour flight day become a nearly 9 and a half hour flight day for SMF-IAD. Please reinstate the 8:15 as a third SMF-MDW non-stop. Thank you. See you all on Monday.
Explorer C
Did you know...Chicago is called the Windy City not for its wind, but for the blow-hard politicos that make up it's leadership? 'Tis true. It's also called Second City, not for it's size relation to NYC, but because it burned once and was re-built. Cya.
Explorer C
I have been a loyal customer and spokesperson for Southwest Airlines. I have friends call in to ask questions about what to do and how to do instead of calling 1800IFlySWA. I used to pick up my project I have to work on based on where SWA flew, but not lately :(. Tomorrow I fly my first SWA flight out of Chicago to IAD and return on Sunday night. I am driving 3hours from GRR to take this flight out of MDW. I am looking forward to this trip. The only time I had SWA agents troubling me was on the 01-01-2008 when I flew SWA from PVD to BWI with my 1year old. 3 incidents on the same day. Manoj
Explorer C
Southwest, when are you going to start flying to Minneapolis. In April, Air Tran Airway discontinued its service between Chicago (MDW) and Minneapolis (MSP). I've heard that SWA and Air Tran have a non-compete agreement, but now that Air Tran has cancelled this easy 1-hour flight, the other airlines (NWA, United, American) have tripled, almost quadrupled the price of their round trip service. Why would the prices of these flights increase 4 fold? There is no reason for it other than AirTran’s competition was keeping prices low. Gasoline prices, although nearly $120/barrel, still do not excuse the other carriers from gouging their customers. I am a frequent flyer, and make the trip between Chicago and Minneapolis weekly, but I am extremely price sensitive. Northwest just got bought out…this is the perfect opportunity to seize market share, while they are attending to the new merger…. Southwest, you are our only hope!