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Coming Soon: Flavorful Flights

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Until recently, I hadn’t really considered flavored creamers for my coffee. But then I tried one of the CoffeeMate holiday flavors at a friend’s house, and that was it. I was hooked.

Now I bypass my once-routine stop in the morning for coffee and make it at home instead. Sometimes on a wintry cold morning, that holiday-flavored goodness is what stirs me to get out of my warm bed. So while I’m sure a day will come when I’ll need a break from these seasonal flavors, I know there’s a whole new world of tastes waiting to be tried. And one of them—hazelnut—is now onboard all Southwest flights through March 2010. In addition to our regular liquid creamer, you'll now have an extra special holiday treat as well.

I know what drink I’ll be ordering on my flight home for Christmas…Happy Holidays, everyone!