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Customer Stories: Taking Care of Leo

Explorer C

The following blog post was written by Meg Johnson on behalf of her son, Leo Johnson. I may only be one and a half years old, but I still love to fly on airplanes and go on fun adventures! I’m from Milwaukee and it can get pretty chilly in the winter. Luckily, I have family that lives in Florida so I can escape the cold temperatures. When I turned one, I found out I'm allergic to peanuts. My parents knew that this allergy could be super dangerous, especially for someone at my age. They were nervous to take me on an airplane since I have a tendency to touch EVERYTHING! Despite their concerns, Mom and Dad decided they were not going to let their worries stop us from visiting Grandma in Orlando. Prior to our departure, my Mom called Southwest’s Customer Service number and told the Employee her concerns. The nice Customer Service Representative reassured my Mom that Southwest would do everything they could do to ensure my safety during the flight. They took note of my peanut allergy and told her to remind the Customer Service Agent when we check in. Our big day finally arrived and Southwest gave me my own ticket that warned others of my allergy. After arriving to our gate a little late, a nice Employee accompanied us onto the plane. My parents even had a chance to double check that our seats were clean so I would be safe to explore during the flight. I could already feel the love from Southwest! During my time in the sky, all of the Flights Attendants were super friendly. They visited with me often to make sure I had enough snacks and juice. Southwest even went the extra mile to ensure that all Passengers had snacks that would not make me sick. After my visit with Grandma in sunny Orlando, I was treated with the same high level of care on my return flight home. I am so happy that I can still travel and go on adventures, even with my allergy. I may not be able to snack on their famous peanuts, but it is safe to say that I am NUTS about Southwest!