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David Nail's Southwest Airlines Journeys, Part Two

Explorer C

Up and coming singer/songwriter David Nail contributes his second "Journeys" post.  His first post is available here


So I made it to Vegas, which was in fact bumpy, but also a beautiful ride in!  I had never seen Hoover Dam from the sky, but I did on Saturday as we flew in from Denver.  It still fascinates me how you can jump around from coast to coast so quickly.  I want to give Flight Attendant Candy from Las Vegas a shout out for being so sweet to me on the flight.  I'm a known nervous flyer, and on most every flight I try and reach out to the attendants.  I suppose it comforts me to make them aware of my concern, and they always tend to check on me more often to let me know nothing's out of the ordinary.

Since I've been in Vegas, I've been sick, and forced to stay two days later than expected.  We played Saturday night with my friend Billy Currington at the Sunset Station Casino, and I want to thank Sunset Station for allowing me to stay the past couple days as I try and recoup.  I'll be back on that big blue and yellow plane tomorrow heading for home.  I connect through Austin, which is good, I probably need a little Texas! 

It looks like I may have to cancel some things this week, and try and get back to 100 percent, health wise.  I hope you guys go out and find my new single "Turning Home."  For you "frequent flyers," I'm sure you'll relate.  I'm honored to be blogging for SWA, for it's a company I not only trust with my life, but one's whose customer service is unmatched.  Look forward to seeing you up in the air soon!