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E-mail Voodoo

Adventurer B
 I received one of those e-mails today that plainly states some have met an untimely death if they ignored this e-mail.   Should I hex a friend?    I was not going to perpetuate this but I did send the following "reply all". I want to tell all of my friends receiving this e-mail that I love them! Apparently I may die today as I am not going to worry others with a dire prediction of what might happen if they don't read and forward this poem. No, my conscience won't let me. I've had a good life. My Pink Ladies (Flight Attendant cruise group) have added immeasurably to it! I would like to be buried in my pink boa and nothing else. You may as well have something to talk about afterward. Someone make sure I have a smudge of chocolate on my lip. My organs are worn out, but my teeth may be useful to someone. Ask that person to smile a lot! I request to be buried in a pine coffin unless they have something on sale you think I would like. I don't want the concrete liner - I can swim. Music? I prefer the Eagles. When the minister says, "If Carole was here today, she might say..." - don't believe him. Nobody knows what I'm going to say; sometimes even I don't know. If you can beat my kids to my house (you will recognize them by the U-Hauls behind their cars) you may choose a remembrance! And if you ever run into Steven Gray, my first grade crush, tell him I loved him. If you see David Miller, my 8th grade boyfriend, tell him I loved him. Heck, tell them ALL I loved them. I didn't, but it might make them feel good! My epitaph? "She was fun while she lasted!" Live well my friends and be careful - someone may take you seriously!
Adventurer B
... fortunately, I'm rather hoping you will be around with us for a long time to come! :o) Raphael
Explorer A
I have seen that stuff as well for far too long. I am glad that I have not seen it in quite some time. If that were true... I would be dead a very long time ago... As with you, I choose not to forward this information. My proof that this is a hoax is that I am indeed typing this reply!!! I like to forward a lot of joke emails... But only to friends who want to see them. There is too much junk on the Internet to just forward what people don't want, and supporting SPAM is not something that we should be doing.
Explorer B
Excellent response, Carole! I'd copy it and use it when I receive such "forward or die" e-mails, but too many people I know would gladly wrap my naked body in a pink boa, place it in a pine box, and dance around wildly.
Sweet Carole, You are not only incredibly gracious and endlessly are also healthy as a horse, and you don't seem to be "getting up a load for now" unless you walk in front of a hotel shuttle bus somewhere on a layover. Your post made me laugh....OUT LOUD. The folks at Starbucks wondered what I was reading!!!!!! Thanks for being part of our team....and steer clear of those forwarded chain emails (they scare me, too!)! Bill
Aviator C
Carole, It will take a lot more to "do you in" than an e-mail curse! But if I am still around 40 years from now, I want a front row seat at your service. I'll bet Steven and David are kicking themselves knowing that you are the "one who got away." Blog Boy
Explorer A
Carole - I love you! This was so funny I shared it with my Mother and Grandmother. They laughed too. I hope to see you Wednesday at the Culture Committee Meeting. James
Explorer C
Carole, Loved your response. I've sent several e-mails over the years requesting that my friends and loved ones refrain from sending me chain letters. I've never been a fan of them. My friends get very touchy about this. I'm a satisfied SW customer that flies from Long Island to Cleveland & Florida. I hope someday I have the pleasure to be on one of your flights. Your colleagues are always great and they seem to have a sense of humor similar to yours. I hope you don't mind if I share your message with my friends and family. Lori
Explorer C
Carole Your comments and attitude are the perfect example of why Southwest flight attendants are the greatest in the industry.
Explorer C
it's seems to me that southwest airline has a bit of double standard as i have watched the show airline on tv and is it just for the show that you people at southwest kick people off the plane that have a few drinks or what because i also listen to bubba the love sponge on sirius and they were bragging on the their show how they travelled on southwest smashed how they had to be pissed to travel on the plane so can you answer this question,please. is it that a person travelling on southwest has to be a celebrity. if your not you can get on the plane with a couple of drinks under their belt
Explorer C
Hello Southwest, As entertaining and fun as you may be, I'm really all about the airfare and schedule. Your new way of showing pricing is what's nuts. You have chosen to take a KISS process and make it complicated and annoying. What was lovely, pick a flight time - pick a fare and vice versa, is gone amidst a sudden array of blue-biz select-biz select-biz select - oh, now orange, yellow, no flight times, etc, etc. I'm signing off. Marcia