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You could say we're going to turn our nation's Capital Red, White, and Canyon Blue.


For the few days before and after January 20th--the day America inaugurates our 44th President--Southwest is doing our part to help everyone celebrate the advent of the Obama administration by adding a number of extra sections to and from our Capital-area stations:  Baltimore/Washington International and Washington/Dulles.  We're adding a total of 26 flights to and from BWI and IAD from Austin, Houston, St. Louis, Kansas City, San Diego and, of course---CHICAGO! 


The added flights are available for sale right now at or at 1-800-IFLYSWA.  If you're one of the lucky few with tickets to one of the inaugural events, book your seats soon!  It's going to be a BUSY weekend to and from D.C.  After all, if you were able to score tickets to one of the inauguration celebrations but NOT able to get to the District, it would be a real.....ahem...."Obamination."


(I sincerely apologize for that last sentence--but I just couldn't help it!)


Party on, Mr. President-elect, congratulations, and good luck!  And BTW....get the girls a Labrador Retriever.  They're big, loyal, intelligent, sweet, and goofy. Just like me.   


Now where are my tickets to the Ball?  *grin*

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Explorer B
Glad to see the extra sections. Have to disagree with you on the dog Labs are just to hyper.