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Employee Stories: A High-Flying Career

Retired Community Manager

The gravity of a Southwest retirement is not lost on me. We all come to work with a sense of pride and ownership, whatever (or wherever) our station at this Company. Capt. Debby Rihn-Harvey piloted her final Southwest flight on Cinco de Mayo. As you’ll see in the video, it was an emotional experience, and unforgettable for everyone involved (including a mere admirer like me). Capt. Rihn-Harvey’s legacy embodies so many aspects of Southwest. She was not only the 11th female Pilot hired by Southwest, but Capt. Rihn-Harvey is also responsible for training several of our Pilots at her flight school, and is an award-winning aerobatic Pilot. Judging by the Facebook comments, Capt. Rihn-Harvey touched many lives so positively and so memorably; I’m honored to have shared a phone call with her. Heck, I’m honored to even call myself her CoHeart. Of course—embodiment being the theme here—Capt. Rihn-Harvey is Southwest personified. To take nothing away from her well-deserved accomplishments, we’ve all got a bit of Capt. Rihn-Harvey’s qualities in us. That’s why we’re at Southwest. I just hope you’re as motivated to live that way as I am. The video is meant to pay homage to all Southwest retirees. While the rules might have Capt. Debby Rihn-Harvey unable to sit left on a Southwest flight, gravity will not keep Captain Debby Rihn-Harvey tethered to the ground. Check out the video if you want to feel inspired, and please share it!