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Employee Stories: Herb from the Curb

Explorer A

Outstanding Customer Service is nothing new to us here at Southwest Airlines; after all, we are known for treating each otherand our Customers—like Family!  Lately, we have been using a new word to better describe the service we want to provide our Customers, and that word is Hospitality. Herb Watts, nicknamed “Herb on the Curb,” is a Skycap based out of San Antonio, Texas. He is a perfect example of the Hospitality we wish to provide our Customers consistently, day in and day out. Through his constant display of a bright smile and positive attitude, Herb embodies our Hospitality message by encouraging other Employees to “feel the LUV” and to share that LUV with our Customers.  He has also built friendships with Customers along the way, which is quite a difficult task in our industry.
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