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Every Seat Has A Story: Love and Marriage

Explorer C
wedding Our long distance relationship started in 2009 following college graduation when Cheryl moved to California and Ben continued on to Alabama.  At first, a long distance relationship was not something either of us wanted to embark on.  We had heard the horror stories about how expensive flying so frequently can get and how relationships often crumble. Knowing the risks, we went for it anyway and started booking bi-monthly flights on Southwest. The low fares and no change fees made it so simple for us to book flights way in advance but also at a moment’s notice since both of our work schedules’ were unpredictable.  If the odds were going to be against us, at least we had Southwest on our side! We can recall so many times when Ben would have a Sunday night flight booked to leave California but at the last minute we would change his flight to Monday morning instead, wanting to spend just a few more hours together.  Between all of the miles we racked up flying back and forth and the miles earned on the Southwest credit card (yes, we had that too!), we were able to get free flights which was a nice break for our long distance strained wallets!  At the time, we often said that without Southwest, our relationship would not survive. Cut to three years later and we are living together (finally!) in Manhattan and can happily call ourselves newlyweds.  On our wedding day on June 6th, Southwest Airlines was happily thanked during Cheryl's mother's speech during the wedding reception when she proclaimed, "Southwest Airlines we love you!" Though we’re not flying quite as often as when we were on opposite coasts, our preferred airline is still and always will be Southwest.  Thank you Southwest for giving us the ability to give our LUV story a happy ending.
Explorer C
Very nice 🙂
Frequent Flyer C

This is fabulous!! So glad it all worked out so well and you both got your happily ever after!