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Every Seat Has a Story: Celebrating with Southwest

Explorer B
We LUV when our Customers share the memories they make while flying with us. Here is Customer Kim Thomas Muffoletto’s story about the day her family celebrated two special occasions on a recent Southwest Airlines flight! Dear Southwest, I am a recently retired business traveler who has experienced many air travel experiences … some not always so pleasant.  My first leisure trip since retirement was to accompany my parents to Las Vegas to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary and my Father's 84th birthday. My Father is a “spunky” 84 year-old and was “as usual” teasing and flirting with the Flight Attendants. At one point, Flight Attendant Courtney joked back and “informed” my mom and I that “Southwest has open seating, if you don't want to sit with him, ha ha.”  Needless to say my Dad got a kick out of meeting his match! When I had a chance to use the restroom, I “apologized” for Dad’s flirty remarks, and informed Tameka and Courtney that it was his 84th birthday and my parent’s 61st wedding anniversary.  They thought he was such a “cute (old) man.”  So as it goes with the wonderful Southwest experience, just before landing, the Flight Attendant got on the intercom and asked the Passengers to lower their window shades and turn on their overhead reading lights, so that they could honor a special birthday and anniversary.  The whole plane sang happy birthday to my Dad and applauded my parents on achieving 61 years of marriage!  She asked my Dad to blow out the candles on his pretend cake (the overhead lights), which was met with applause.  My parents were then rewarded with Southwest “crowns” made with bags of peanuts! Upon deplaning, my parents felt like celebrities!  Passengers congratulated them and took pictures of their crowns.  THANK YOU so much for giving them this experience and giving me this precious memory! Kim Thomas Muffoletto On behalf of Anna Sawatis Lambert and Harry Lambert