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Good morning!  Today we opened the Southwest and AirTran schedules for sale from February 14 through March 8, 2013.  And I have good news to report!  We do not eliminate any nonstop markets on either network; we’re adding capacity back into both systems in anticipation of winter vacation travel; and I’ve even got some new markets to talk about.  Details below! 

Southwest will follow Interstate 35 north out of Kansas City by adding new nonstops between K.C. and Minneapolis-St. Paul!  Two roundtrips each weekday will tie the two stations together and give Minnesota travelers another way to access Texas, Florida, and the West via Southwest.  This will be our seventh nonstop destination from the Twin Cities, and our twenty-first nonstop market from Kansas City.

Seasonally we’ve got several additions of note—after an absence of only one month we’re bringing back nonstop Albany-Las Vegas roundtrips, plus we’re bringing back nonstop Albuquerque-Orlando, Hartford/Springfield-Las Vegas, Long Island/Islip-Ft. Myers, and Providence-Ft. Myers service.  We’re also adding our first-ever nonstop service between West Palm Beach and both Pittsburgh and Providence on a seasonal basis.  We’re bringing back seasonal AirTran nonstops between Chicago Midway and Ft. Myers, plus AirTran’s first-ever nonstop service between Ft. Myers and Detroit.

Overall, our February schedule increases daily departures on both the AirTran and the Southwest networks by about six percent, primarily in winter-oriented markets.   For greater detail, you can always check the schedule in your favorite market(s) at  Happy booking—and have a great week!

Explorer B
Sweet! A new non-stop for MSP!!! Fort Lauderdale, the New England area, and West Coast cities would be much appreciated as well, but thanks for showing some LUV to MSP!
Explorer B
Fantastic Announcements! Glad to see PBI get more service.
Explorer B
Is this going to be a new Southwest norm of extending the schedule 1 month at a time? I kind of like it
Explorer A
Hi Bill: Thank you for opening the schedule through Friday 8 March 2013. As for my favorite markets from Sacramento (SMF) I have checked the two Fridays in March that you now have inventory for and the schedules are fairly reasonable to/from CAK and EWR. These are my personal favorite Southwest Airports out of Sacramento for family purposes. That is the good news. Now for the bad news. I am still unable to find a "Capitol-to-Capitol" routing for Sacramento to Washington/Reagan or the reverse of this for the dates of 01 March 2013 and 08 March 2013. It appeared to me that the only California Market that has DCA service is the San Diego Airport for now. I'm not sure what caused this to be the case even in March. What can I do to help the California Capitol Region to get flights to/from DCA? Will Chicago Midway be playing an important role here, in a way that this market would be able to link SMF and DCA either with "same-plane" flights or with connecting flights? I know how important this is to the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce as well as the Sacramento Area Council of Governments among other business organizations to name a couple. Perhaps this will be looked into from now through the 26th of August so that when the 27th of August rolls around, we have something to talk and perhaps brag about. For now, I will not count the chickens before they hatch, because I fully recognize that scheduling (whether it's public transit, Amtrak, or Southwest) is a delicate process. At the end of the day, my hope is, is that this suggestion will be taken into careful consideration and the best will come for the California Capitol Region soon. As the old saying says, "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait." Have a great day and month ahead. I look forward to "blogging" with you again on the 27th of August. Sincerely, Mike Barnbaum, Blogger & Rapid Rewards Member in Sacramento, California
Explorer C
Loving the rates for flights from Omaha to Orlando -- can't wait til you open for booking into next June as we are planning a trip to the Mouse!! Hope those rates hold steady for our little family trip!
Explorer C
Is SWA going to restore the very popular flight between Manchester and Las Vegas? I don't know why SWA eliminated such a successful route in August 2012. Please consider restoring this important flight. This route is always full, airport officials say it has over a 95% load factor. Also will you be restoring the some of the other flights, like the Tampa and Fort. Lauderdale to/from Manchester.