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Flight Number Trivia: Guess the ‘Big Game’ Significance


When it comes to staying in the game, sometimes you have to get creative with your way of thinking. Here at Southwest, our Network Planning and Performance Team is staying on top of their skills by creating some incredible experiences for our Customers. This week, they announced the addition of several new nonstop flights between Seattle and Phoenix and Manchester and Boston and Phoenix for the big game in Phoenix next month. But let’s take a step back. Before the flights were even available for sale, there was another group of football fanatics ready to hit the gridiron. They were the ones deciding how many flights to add, where to add them, and more importantly putting their own unique spin on the new schedule. Take a look at some of the newly-added flight numbers below and guess the significance of the number. Don’t forget to let us know how you did in the comments!
  1. WN 1212
  2. WN 1976
  3. WN 3333
  4. WN 1277
  5. WN 4728
  6. WN 1960
  7. WN 1376
  1. New England's quarterback Tom Brady is #12
  2. Seattle played their first game in 1976
  3. Seattle's quarterback Russell Wilson is #3
  4. Tom Brady was born in 1977
  5. '728' spells PAT on a telephone dial pad
  6. New England played their first game in 1960
  7. 137.6 dB noise registered at CenturyLink Field
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