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GOT WINNERS? Southwest Airlines Does!

Frequent Flyer B

Yesterday, PR NEWS held its annual PR News’ PR People Awards at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.  The awards showcase the top talent, innovators, and PR professionals who work day in and day out to take communication to the next level.  

We are thrilled to announce that several of our colleagues here at Southwest were recognized for their outstanding performance and accomplishments:  

Christi Day - Tweeter of the Year

Many of you may know Christi as the voice behind our @SouthwestAir Twitter feed.  With her effervescent personality and instinctive knack for social media, Christi has built a following for Southwest Airlines on Twitter nearly one million strong.  And that’s just a small part of what she does for us everyday.

Chris Mainz - Spokesperson of the Year

With nearly 10 years of service at Southwest Airlines, Chris knows our Company inside and out.  His depth and breadth of knowledge allows him to explain even the most complex of issues in a way that anyone can understand.  Fuel hedging, anyone?

Ashley Pettit - Measurement Expert of the Year (Honorable Mention)

Ashley is the “left brain” of our Communications Team, delving into the analytics behind our efforts to help us understand our results and improve our communication strategies.  There isn’t a chart, graph, or stat, that she can’t create.  And, if you’re a reporter, she’s watching your every move!  

We’re so proud of our friends and colleagues, and we’re blessed to have them in our Communications Family!  Please join us in celebrating their great accomplishments and for keeping Southwest Airlines flying high!

Explorer C
My 85 year old mother went to CA to visit relatives for Thanksgiving. She insisted on going business select to be more comfortable from Pgh to Calif. So, she paid the EXTRA money & for the long trek across the country, they gave her a drink voucher~well, another JOKE !!!! It was equivalent to 2 tablespoons. The seating was NO different than sitting in the rear of the aircraft. She was smashed between 2 people, quite unpleasant. We will NEVER fly Southwest again. They sure know how to take or should I say RIP OFF people for business select. Southwest misrepresents itself. Too bad, word of mouth is the BEST advertisement
Explorer C
All alcohol is poured from standard shot-sized "mini" bottles that equal a single shot of alcohol... the same shot-sized "mini" bottles that are served on all airlines. As a business select, she should have been one of the first ones on the plane with a boarding pass of A1-A15, at which point she can select just about any seat she wants. How did she get stuck in the middle seat?
Explorer C
Congratulations Christi, Chris and Ashley! Thank you for your labors of luv! 🙂 Julie Vessigault
Explorer B
Pamela, good luck with sending her on other carriers. I wish you both the best! All the benefits are listed on the website about the Business Select product. Sorry you all didn;t read them or understand them.
Explorer C
RED FLAG on the first comment. If grandma was indeed Business Select she would've been able to avoid a middle seat by being among the first passengers on the aircraft. Sorry, Pamela, your story just doesn't add up. If you are going to hate SWA for the sake of hating SWA, just do so. Don't lie about it. Drew
Explorer C
Congrats! I have long admired Southwest's communications efforts, and having worked with Chris and Ashley during an internship at SWA, I know the honors are well earned. Way to go!
Explorer C
Paula, this is great! Congrats on the awards. You have some serious Southwest fans here at my company who especially can't get enough of your blog. We too have a quirky, fun-loving corp. culture that rings true to our customers and just launched a blog of our own which you should check out (company name is in the last part of my email address--didn't want to put a "plug" in your comments!). You might even consider us the Southwest of the makeup world. Our companies should connect to create something fun for customers--send me an email when you get the chance? Cheers! 🙂