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Giving Back to our Country's Greatest Heroes

Explorer C

In January, 150 of my fellow Marketing Cohearts and I had the opportunity to give back to some of our countries greatest heroes; those that have fought and sacrificed for our freedom.




While working with the United Way Suncoast division, and the Bay Pines VA Hospital in Tampa, we were given the chance to honor these individuals that have given so much – from site beautification and landscaping, to organizing supplies and cleaning the facilities, and even playing balloon volleyball with some of the residents.


swa-amm-day1-137.jpgI mean, we do LUV to have fun!




Collectively, we accumulated more than 270 volunteer hours and because of our marvelous Tickets for Time program, we were able to earn enough hours to donate the maximum amount of 6 round trip e-Passes to the United Way.


swa-amm-day1-120.jpgThis was a very personal activity for me and it was truly an honor getting to give back to those men and women. See, my grandfather was my childhood hero. He fought in WWII and would tell me the stories of him and his men fighting alongside one another. Knowing that my Cohearts and I may have helped someone else’s grandfather was truly a blessing.


swa-amm-day1-118.jpgThis experience was one I’ll never forget and I’m thankful for Southwest Airlines for giving me the opportunity to give back to America’s veterans – grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons.



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Frequent Flyer C

As Veterans ourselves, we greatly appreciate this and all you do for our military!