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Southwest Airlines Community

Going Green: Advice from Each Other

Adventurer B

Hello!  One of my favorite things is getting feedback in the Green mailbox.  Whether it is tips to help us live and work Green or feedback on our initiatives, I always learn something! 

So, in honor of our communicative Employees, below are some great tips to help each other use our resources wisely and go Green.

  • From Jeb Smith at AirTran:  For 2012, I'm planning on keeping doing what I have been, using the three R's: Recycle anything that can be recycled in my area. This includes any packaging like blister packs that have a cardboard backing.  Unless I know I can recycle the plastic in my area, I strip the cardboard, recycle it, then—regrettably—toss the plastic.  Of course, I try to buy consciously with recycling in mind, but it's not always possible to buy the needed item with an easily recyclable package.  Paper gets used until no longer usable.  Reusable bags are the norm around my house (although we sometimes forget them, then the plastic bags get reused as refuse containers).  We even have a twice-a-year electronics recycling event that we have taken advantage of, and will take advantage of again this year. There is much more that gets reused and recycled, mostly the standard stuff.
  • From BJ Watkins at IAD:  At IAD I have a rule of any paper from the fax or any paper that is blank on one side and does not have secured info on it must be put in our note stack, when we get about ten sheets, we then cut the paper into four sections and staple together to make note pads.  Works great!  BJ
  • From Lori Zappa in BWI:  So many times we stay in hotels and take our samples or open them to smell them (which causes them to be unusable)!  Seeing as they are yours to use or take, why not give the products to shelters, churches, etc.?
  • From Dianna Haun in Customer Relations/Rapid Rewards: I purchased a number of items from Trade As One:   These are all fair trade items and many of them (medium tote bag, for example) are recycled.
  • From Christy Fowler in MCI:  If everyone brings their own reusable cup, we will not need to buy Styrofoam cups.  Let’s save some money and go Green!
  • From Candace Magstadt at AirTran:  I loved the recycled office paper with wildflower seeds, thank you so much for sharing that!  We sometimes also use old Jep charts for wrapping paper—I love the collage look.  Additionally, I don’t throw away old Christmas cards, they can be reused and repurposed as gift tags, ornaments, or with a little yarn and a hole punch, one could make luminaries.  These are fun to make and can last for many years or given as gifts!

Thanks, and keep those suggestions and comments coming.  Do you have some great ideas for living and working Green?