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Going Green: Electric Cars

Explorer B
Southwest LUVs to be Green, and we are always looking for ways to inform and help our Employees and Customers go Green in their daily lives. Electric cars have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation due to the low cost to operate, as well as their lower air pollution levels, which is a great example of going Green to save Green!  In fact, the United States has the largest fleet of plug-in electric vehicles in the world with more than 250,000 electric cars sold since 2008. Electric cars use a rechargeable battery, a more environmentally-friendly and lower cost power source than gasoline. With so many drivers adopting these green cars, many public areas have added electric car charging stations in their parking lots for customers to take advantage of, including several airports. Some of these airports include Dallas Love Field, Seattle, Chicago Midway, Baltimore, Orlando, and Phoenix!  Public charging stations make it easier for drivers of electric cars to get a charge while they’re out picking up friends or at work instead of having to rely on at-home charging stations. In addition, we recently installed two new charging stations at Headquarters as a beta test after multiple requests from Employees.  Headquarter Green Ambassadors answered the call to test the stations, and they are now up and running for electric car owners to charge their vehicles. Do you drive an electric car?  Let us know what kind by commenting below.  Have a suggestion for how to live and work Green?  E-mail us at
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Adventurer A

So grateful for your 'Electric Avenue' at DAL. Use this every time I fly!