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Going Green: Even More Onboard Recycling

Adventurer B

Hello, everyone!  Happy Green Tuesday.  This edition of Green Tuesday is going to talk about onboard recycling.  First, thank you to all our Flight Attendants and Provisioning Agents for recycling onboard the aircraft and supporting Southwest’s commitment to using our resources wisely.

By recycling onboard and on the ground, we are able to fund the recycling program, so there is no cost to Southwest, and it removes more items from the waste stream.  This is a big accomplishment, and we are being recognized by our Customers, the industry, and by environmental organizations for our commitment, so thank you to all who participate in recycling—it’s important!

You may have noticed recently that plastic wine bottles are appearing onboard.  By switching from glass to plastic, we are saving weight, introducing another recycling element onboard, and saving money—what a win!  This is another testament to the fact that environmental decisions also make good business sense.  The decision to switch was made for all the reasons mentioned and because our wine supplier now offered us the option.  The wine retains its quality in the plastic bottles, and we know our Customers will continue to enjoy this onboard offering. 

If you are attending a Message to the Field, please stop by the Green table, say hello to some of our Green Ambassadors and Green Teammembers and learn more about recycling and ways you can make a difference.  DING!  You are now free to be Green.

Let us know how you recycle by commenting below.  Have a tip for Green Tuesday?  Let us know at