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Going Green—Happy National Trails Day!

Adventurer A

When I got my latest Texas Monthly in the mail, I was reminded of their Monthly Outdoor Guide app that I recently downloaded that tells me all the best places to hike, bike, picnic, and more things to enjoy outdoors in Texas.  It also reminded me that I need to put some air in my bike tires so it’s not just an ornament in my garage.  June 2 is National Trails Day, so, what better motivation to go check out a greenbelt just north of me that connects Ray Roberts Lake with Lake Lewisville.

The Texas heat is starting to rise, but when I actually do get out to a trail, even during the most humid summer days, I realize that 90 is hot, 100 is hot, and 110 is hot.  So, might as well load up with my 50 SPF and lots of water and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  Here are some other trails around the country worth checking out:

  • Silver Comet Trail: This 62-mile trail is just outside of Atlanta where Southwest recently began service in February. You’ll enjoy a 500-foot long trestle, pine forests, and rock cliffs along the way.
  • Ohio to Erie Trail: From Cincinnati to Cleveland, this 300-mile trail spans the state of Ohio and is great for mountain bikes.  The trail passes through rural areas, farmlands, nature preserves, and regional parks.
  • The Colorado Trail: You’ll want a good mountain bike for some backcountry riding on this 470-mile trail through Denver.  
  • Mt. Tamalpais: If you’re craving some scenery full of forests, meadows, lakes, and ocean views, this is your trail near the San Francisco Bay area.
  • National Wildlife Association (NWRA): The NWRA is a great resource to find thousands of trails near the closest Southwest city to experience landscapes, plants, and wildlife up close.

Where do you escape outdoors?  Let us know your favorite trail by commenting below or e-mailing green@wnco.comDING!  You are now free to be Green!