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Going Green: Recycling Pays Off!

Adventurer B

At Southwest, we believe it’s important to conserve our natural resources by recycling.  However you’ve made a difference by recycling this past year—whether you’ve dropped that drink can in a blue bin or made sure you recycled any excess paper—here’s a big thank you to you.


And, here’s a shoutout to our Inflight Crews and Provisioning Bases who are doing an amazing job capturing recycling onboard the aircraft—thank you!  Once you’re settled on the aircraft and you reach for our Inflight menu or the Spirit magazine in your seatback pocket, you’ll notice a message reminding everyone that we recycle.  When it’s time to clean up the cabin, our Flight Attendants also make an announcement to keep those recyclable items separate so we can make sure we do our part.


We believe that environmental decisions also make good business sense, and that has never been truer than when it comes to recycling.  When we divert recyclables (paper, cardboard, aluminum, and plastic) from the waste stream, we have less waste, which means fewer waste pickups, and those are true bottomline savings.  Plus, we are doing the right thing.  Because of our Employees' hard work and our Customers who handed over those recyclables, in November 2010, we had a whopping 235 tons of recyclables, and a mere 396 tons of trash.  This is truly an incredible feat.


Let us know how you encourage others to recycle at work and at home by posting your comments below.  DING!  You are now free to be Green!