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Going Green: The Plastic Bottle Challenge

Explorer B
Water is a vital part of everyday life. It has been said that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day! But, along with this healthy amount of water can come A LOT of plastic bottles. I have decided to challenge myself to be more conscious of the consequences that follow disposing of these wasteful bottles, and I hope you’ll join me.

According to the Environmental Working Group, plastic water bottles are the fastest growing form of municipal solid waste in the United States. Every year, four billion pounds of plastic bottles end up in landfills or as roadside litter. Although these bottles can be recycled, a large percentage of them are not. This is an impactful statistic that motivates me to play my part in keeping our Planet healthy. At the very least, we should recycle these plastic bottles! But, I plan to do more. 

Freedom Shop

This month, I plan to rid my fridge of these bottles and purchase my very own filtered water bottle. These bottles can be found in a variety of grocery stores and usually cost around $10 to $15. At the Southwest Freedom Shop, you can purchase your own steel water bottle themed after the LUV airline. 
With this type of reusable bottle, it's easy to fill anywhere there is a faucet or water fountain. By doing this, I will help minimize my own footprint on the earth and also save a few dollars by taking water bottles off my grocery list!

If each us commits to reducing our own plastic waste, we could greatly impact our environment. Can you take the pledge to stay away from harmful and wasteful water bottles? Let us know by commenting below or e-mailing us at!

DING! You are now free to be Green!