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Going Green: Tips From Employees!

Adventurer B

I really enjoy the Green tips we receive in the comments on the blog and in our Green mailbox. I am consistently impressed with the ingenuity of Southwest and AirTran Employees and the ways you try to reduce your impact on the environment, use resources wisely, and save some Green!  

Below is a roundup of tips received:

  • I am trying to go green and found out that used coffee grounds, set out on the counter, help to absorb odors and acts as an air freshener. I was tired of all the mailed envelopes I receive (with three teenagers we still have plenty) and started cutting the old envelopes to use as scrap paper! For composting and helping the garden our rule is if it came out of the ground, put it back into the ground to yield better crops in the garden. This includes the used coffee grounds, celery stalk ends, carrots, onions, peelings from any fruit/vegetable, and egg shells. The egg cartons can also be cleaned and used by kids to paint and mix different paints in the separate spaces. 
    Kathleen Bleam, AirTran Savannah Res
  • Ask your dry cleaner or launderer to not bag your clothes. Surely your car isn’t that dirty?! 
    Kent L. Larson, Corporate Facilities
  • I have yet another use for dryer lint. A good "hot" compost pile should have a roughly 70/30 ratio of green (nitrogen) material to brown (carbon) material. A good brown source is dryer lint. This info came from a recent lunch and learn session on composting at Headquarters.  
    Rick McKinley, DAL MX
  • I’d like to remind my Co-Hearts who leave for the day and leave various office and desk items on (lights on their cubes, lamps, computers, etc.) to turn these things off at night to help the Company save money on energy costs.   
    Megan Simon, CS&S

Keep the tips coming by sending them to or by commenting below!  DING!  You are now free to be Green!