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Going Green: Your Guide to Green Wrapping Paper

Adventurer B
Green LogoGift wrap is one of the most wasteful items—we use it once and then toss it.  Each year, the annual trash from gift wrap and shopping bags totals four million tons!   Instead of ending the holidays with a mountain of trash, consider making it a green Christmas: 
  • Paper grocery bagsBrown paper packages tied up with string; these are a few of my favorite things!  This time of year, most stores will make their bags extra festive with holiday designs, so if you forget your reusable shopping bags don’t fret, the holidays can give them a second life. For the final “Von Trapp” touch, finish with twine.    
  • Yarn:  If you like to give fruit or other small, round objects (hopefully not coal!), try using yarn as a fun, tricky option for those hard-to-wrap items.  Use a small piece of tape to get it started, and enjoy watching your friends and family unravel it later.  Just roll the yarn back up and it’s ready for next year.
  • Newspaper:  The Sunday comics section is bright, colorful and easy gift wrap.  Even if you have black and white paper, it doesn’t have to be boring!  Add a quick newspaper bow to turn black and white into something chic and festive. 
  • Odds & Ends: Look for items you already have—old maps, magazines, and fabric can turn into great gift wrap.  Even unlikely items like balloons can be repurposed—those foil Mylar balloons make excellent gift sacks.  You can re-use just about anything, so keep your eyes peeled and experiment.If you prefer buying your wrapping paper, look for rolls with a high percentage of recycled content.  Or, select cute, reusable containers like tins or baskets to use instead. 
What do you use for green wrapping paper?  Let us know by commenting below.  DING!  You are now free to be Green!