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Going Green for Halloween

Explorer B

Before I dive into some green Halloween costume ideas, I wanted to share some exciting news!  Yesterday, Newsweek announced its 2012 Green Rankings, which is the fourth annual evaluation of America’s 500 largest publicly traded companies and 500 largest companies internationally.  Southwest Airlines ranked 129 out of 500 and ranked sixth in our sector of Transportation & Logistics!  Congratulations to all our Employees who help us go Green and save Green!!

With Halloween just around the corner, I know I am not alone in the hunt for clever costume ideas. As I sifted through numerous pricey costumes online and in stores, I started to wonder what materials I had at home that could be transformed into creative and eco-friendly costumes. After a little bit of research, I stumbled upon a few costumes that are sure to make this Halloween festive, and best of all, Green!

Here are a few I found:

Gold Digger- Dress yourself in gold colors and dash some glitter on your skin. Next, grab a shovel and pail to complete this humorous costume.
Butterfly- To be a beautiful butterfly this Halloween, make a cardboard cutout of wings and glue on colorful tissue paper.  Using a hot glue gun, secure two pieces of looped rope on the back of the cardboard to wear over your arms. Next, make antennae out of pipe cleaners and any round material you have in your home.
Self-Absorbed- This simple, yet comical costume only requires a few sponges pinned onto your clothing of choice.
Grapes- Dress in all green or purple and pin about 20-25 balloons of the same color to your clothing. Glue on some leaves to make the costume more realistic.
Anchorman/Anchorwoman- Dress in a suit or business professional attire and attach a picture of an anchor somewhere on your clothing.

Even if you don’t make your own costume this year, check with your friends to see if you can trade older costumes. You never know what you might find!  Do you have any DIY costume ideas or tips for being green this Halloween? Let us know by commenting below or by e-mailing!

DING!  You are now free to be Green!
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Explorer C
Congratulations Southwest on your Newsweek ranking. You deserve it. I have flown on SWA and my experience was fabulous. Wish you continued success.