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Going to the Chapel of LUV

Explorer C

At every wedding celebration, there are always a few nuts: the aunt who wears a horrifically low-cut gown, the uncle who has to bless the union by belting out some Frank Sinatra with the band, or the friend who busts out the robot on the dance floor.  (In my case, I had some SWA Coworkers.)  However, at a recent wedding of Southwest Frequent Flyers Lorig and Gaspar, the nuts were Southwest peanuts prominently displayed at each table.

For ten long years, Lorig and Gaspar had a long-distance relationship that kept them “commuting” between Oakland and Burbank.  Luckily, the LUV Airline was their constant companion as they shuttled back and forth.  Once they were finally settled down in the same city, they took their first flight together and started discussing their upcoming wedding.  What would be more appropriate to give their guests than a bit of the LUV on which they relied?  After talking to a Flight Attendant, they went home with bags and bags of peanuts--a sure-fire goody that told their story.  As it was so aptly phrased on the “luggage tags” attached to the bowls of peanuts (with a few pretzels bags thrown in for good measure), they “flew friendly.” 


Lorig let us know that they were “truly grateful to [Southwest] for being on time…, being cheaper than the rest, and most importantly, for breaking the boundaries of long-distance relationships.”  We couldn’t be more thrilled that Southwest played a role in their special day.  We wish Lorig and Gaspar a lifetime of laughter and LUV.