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Gowalla and Southwest Hit the Streets of Austin

Retired Community Manager
Perfect harmony would be the words used if I actually land everywhere I intend to go during my visit to Austin for SXSWi.  SXSWi is one of the biggest interactive events in the nation, a place where tech geeks converge to talk shop and let loose. I have never been, and the more likely scenario is that I end up confused and out of luck more than once, a victim of my own lack of experience.

Thankfully, the fate of Southwest Airlines is not held in the hands of a novice like myself.  We have the help of our trusty location partner Gowalla, also the official partner for SXSWi, to help spread the word.

Lest I bury the lede for all you journalists, Southwest is once again enhancing the Gowalla travel experience.  We're offering the opportunity to win a free roundtrip flight just by checking in.  But this time we're doing things a little differently and adding an extra treat - you also get a rare, virtual souvenir!

Gowalla virtual item

These Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 model planes will be spread out all over Austin, including Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and festival venues.

If you find this item, there is a chance that you have won!  If you do, you'll receive this message:

Tray tables up, seatbelts fastened… okay, keep your electronic device on.  You just won a ticket on Southwest Airlines! Check your e-mail to redeem your prize!

So check in early and often, take lots of pictures, meet new friends, and complete some trips.  And if you happen to see a clueless-looking Southwest Employee wandering the streets of Austin, how's about giving him a hand?  He's a SXSWi newbie!