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Granting Brianna’s Wish Trip

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When you look at 4-year-old Brianna and take in her sweet demeanor and sparkling eyes, you would never guess that she has been struggling with a malignant kidney tumor. One thing that has kept her going through all the treatments was the prospect of having a dolphin encounter at Sea World in San Diego. Just in case her wish wasn’t possible, she had a backup—she said she would like “a purple motorcycle to go shopping with my mom” instead. This is a girl after my own heart!  But, with the help of our good friends at Southwest Airlines who provide travel to our wish kids as a national sponsor, Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area was able to grant her one true wish.

To get Brianna really excited for the trip, her wish granting team delivered some special surprises to her house. Arriving about a week before her wish, the team brought a Dolphin Trainer Barbie and a custom-made cake decorated with an ocean theme, complete with turtles, sea shells, and an octopus. Brianna’s family was thrilled that Make-A-Wish had planned every detail of the trip, and now it was just a question of waiting until the big day.

Brianna’s mom, Danielle, confessed to us that she was “so nervous” before their Southwest flight—she hadn’t flown for a long time and was feeling anxious; but, once onboard, they had a wonderful time. Their flight crew invited Brianna and her brother, Donovin, into the cockpit to meet the Pilots, and he said they could even “touch the buttons!” Danielle shared with me that the flights were ahead of schedule both times, and the Flight Attendants were really nice and made them feel welcome.

Make-A-Wish got this wonderful message from the family after they returned from their wish trip: “It was magical! Please pass the word to everyone who helped Bree with her wish how much fun and how much we appreciated this experience!”

Thank you, Southwest Airlines, for your part in making magical wishes come true for children like Brianna!