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Herbert D. Kelleher arrived in the Dallas Maintenance hanger last week for a scheduled eight-year overhaul, Although Herb looked the same as he did the day he started working for Southwest Airlines, he still needed a little work done. We began by removing items from him, and then we took him out to the washing area to clean him up. We then put him though a routine inspection. Once we inspected Herb, we fixed anything that we found wrong with him, and he was back to his old self. For those of you who don't know by now, I'm not talking about Herb the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Southwest Airlines, I'm talking about "The Herbert D. Kelleher" one of our many signature airplanes that are flying through our system. Maybe you will be one of the lucky people to fly on a signature airplane, or maybe you will get real lucky and fly N711HK "The Herbert D. Kelleher"
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Here's a pic.
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I always like the name "Herbert", especially the pronunciation that sounds much like the French - "Air Bear" is very much appropriate for our N711HK airplane!
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BEAUTIFUL!!! Yal did a fine job-looks brand new. I LUV it! Your post had me going at first. I thought yal were doing a surprise "Makeover" on Herb!! LOL. Ã
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This mention, recently, of Southwest considering assigned or reserved seats is a hit at a negative change to the southwest culture. Consider this: If I or anyone was promised the best seat on any flight what happens when you arrive at that seat to find your "partner" is someone who hasn't showered in a week or so? Or their girth will make you a human wedge.? The fact is that freedom of choice in routes and times and seating is the way this airline got to where it is and apparent outside interests are forcing a change. Poll your loyal fliers and get the facts. Ask everybody who "DINGS" or reserves on line what they think.
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How many "pairs" of breaks does your average 737 go through a year?
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HERB "we LUV ya man"