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Happily Ever After: Southwest Saved the Day for this Bride-to–be and Bridesmaid before the Big Day!

Explorer C

Southwest really is the best and goes above and beyond for its Customers!


My friend Laura and I went to Napa Valley for a girls trip and one last hurrah before her July wedding to her boyfriend of nine years—a true fairytale romance!


Bride 1_.jpeg


Since Laura and I needed to be at the rehearsal as the bride-to-be and bridesmaid, our plan was to return the following day, which was the night before the wedding. We would land and go immediately from the airport to her rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. However, while in California, we monitored the weather and noticed that there were storms rolling in, and worried that if we didn’t come home early, we might not make the rehearsal or even the wedding. 


Bride 3.jpeg

Frantically, Laura and I looked for flights to return a day earlier and couldn’t find anything that would cost less than $600 per person. For a bride-to-be that is paying for a wedding, $600 per person is a lot, and Laura worried she would have to risk taking our original flight despite the risk of missing her own rehearsal dinner. That kind of stress is the last thing a bride-to-be needs!


Luckily for Laura (and me!) we were not flying just any airline—we were flying Southwest. All Laura had to do was call Southwest’s Customer Service when we arrived, and they switched not only Laura’s but also my flights to a different day with absolutely no change fees, saving us a collective $1,200, so that we could depart before the storms rolled in!


What amazing Customer Service that Southwest switched not only Laura, but also me, so that she would not have to fly alone across the country and so that I could be there as her bridesmaid on the same flight to keep her nerves down before the big day and her rehearsal dinner!


Bride 4.jpgThe cherry on top is that the Flight Attendants on our flight home even took the time to make Laura feel extra special. They made an announcement on the flight congratulating her, and also crafted a wonderful tiara and veil out of snacks, cocktail stirrers, and a white trash bag. They made her feel so special and helped calm her nerves! 


We are so grateful for Southwest Airlines’ help in getting this bride-to-be home. Laura would have missed her own wedding rehearsal and would have barely gotten any sleep before her big day the following day had it not been for their kindness!


Thank you so much Southwest! Because of you, Laura was able to make her wedding and become #happilyeverloebach!