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Explorer A

I can’t believe it.  Summer is almost over, and Halloween is just around the corner.  This will be my fifth Halloween as Southwest’s CEO, and little did I know what kind of impact my costumes would have.  In 2004, I portrayed mega-rock star, Gene Simmons of KISS, [asset|

I can’t believe it.  Summer is almost over, and Halloween is just around the corner.  This will be my fifth Halloween as Southwest’s CEO, and little did I know what kind of impact my costumes would have.  In 2004, I portrayed mega-rock star, Gene Simmons of KISS, [asset|aid=165|format=post_large_image|formatter=imagecache|title=halloween kiss.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]

and the year after that, I rode the range as Wild Bill Hickok.  [asset|aid=166|format=post_large_image|formatter=imagecache|title=halloween wild bill.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]

In 2006, I took on a nautical air as that rascally Captain Jack Sparrow, [asset|aid=164|format=post_large_image|formatter=imagecache|title=halloween gary.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]

and last year I was the demure Edna Turnblad from Hairspray. [asset|aid=163|format=post_large_image|formatter=imagecache|title=gary halloween_0.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]

My Halloween Elves are ready to get the 2008 “Gary” set up, and I need suggestions about who (or what) I should portray for Halloween.  It would be really nice if your suggestion doesn’t involve shortterm (and especially longterm!) body modifications like shaving my legs, although I will sacrifice for art—within reason.

So be creative and leave your suggestion, and it’s okay to color outside the lines—the good folks at Spirit Halloween stores will make your idea come to life.

Explorer C
An obvious choice would be the Joker from Dark Night but that would leave you in a pool of about 1000 people who want to be him for Halloween. Since this summer was about Marvel movies, try an X-Men character or go all out and build an Iron Man suite 🙂
Explorer C
I'm thinking Sam (Pierce Brosnan) in Mama Mia would be great fun if you break into song and dance every so often. 😉
I have to vote for Gary Indiana Jones. Gary would look great in the outfit! Come on Indiana Jones!! Anyone with me?
Explorer C
You could do an Olympics theme and go as Michael Phelps although I don't know how popular you'd be wearing a speedo. Maybe one of the slimming body suits? ;) Or you could go as Misty May-Treanor / Kerri Walsh...oh nevermind, beware of the bikini. Good luck deciding!
Explorer C
Hmm...elves during a certain week in August...sounds like an Elvis sighting is in order for Halloween! Suit up in spangles and prepare to leave the hangar. You know, just takin' care of business for that hunka hunka burnin' love (field). Don't be cruel, don't return to sender; glue on some 'burns, you great pretender!
Explorer C
A few suggestions from our office: Batman a sheik a barrel of oil
Explorer C
How about Batman! You are the Super Hero of Southwest Airlines, Batman is hot and since you'd be all covered up, no shaving is required!
Explorer C
It might be hard to walk, but I'd go with a Weeble. After a challenging year with soaring fuel prices and Congressional hearings on airline safety, there might have been some wobbles, but no falling down.
Frequent Flyer C
I like the Indiana Jones idea! Or, maybe revisiting the "Gary" Potter thought that was around last year....
Explorer C
Seconding Indiana Jones. The stage decor alone sounds like super fun.
Aviator C
How about as the Statue of Liberty. She can take it; she's a harbor chick! Or to celebrate the codeshare with WestJet, why not go as a lumberjack because 'they're okay."
Frequent Flyer B
How about Albus Dumbledore?
Explorer C
The Joker from Batman the Dark Knight, but as a nurse like that hospital scene! That would be something!
Explorer C
I'm with you Whitney - Indiana Jones!
Explorer C
A little dated, but how about Borat in his swimsuit?
Explorer C
David Barger.
Explorer C
I think Indiana Jones with a whip... ReenieSR =^_^=
Explorer C
How about David Barger?
Explorer C
How about Pvt. Kelly from Kelly's heros. I'll play Oddball if you like.
Explorer C
How about Hulk Hogan or Herman Munster.
Explorer C
Why not George Clinton from Parliment Funkadelic? A true leader, an icon and the guy knows how to get DOWN!! Besides, all the different colored dreadlocks would be fun! Just a thought!!
Explorer C
I think you should go at the only other "interesting" airline personality-Richard Branson
Explorer C
The scariest thing to be on Halloween this year -- an airline passenger on a legacy carrier. Don't forget to bring your credit card if you want to check a bag, change a ticket, get a pillow and blanket, order a soft drink, or secure a "premium" seat.
Explorer C
the joker from dark night is way too obvious. how about michael phelps? medals...corn flakes boxes...
Explorer C
How about Speed Racer or as the Lord of Darkness, played by Tim Curry from the movie "Legend" or as his other famous role as Dr. Frank-n-Farther from Rocky Horror Picture show. Or even the Hulk. How about a Mummy costume too!
Explorer B
you Shoud Dress up as a Southwest 737 Plane
Explorer C
How about Jim Wright? Or James Bond as Quantum of Solace hits the threaters November 7? With Super Tuesday coming up, you could be Barack Obama and Herb could be John McCain!
Explorer C
It's probably time for Elvis, Gary. 70s vintage, with the white leather, the star-spangled cape, and the large sunglasses. Timeless yet cliched and a little macabre -- you could even incorporate a commode in a nod to Elvis's final, strained moments -- perfect for Halloween. -- Mark
Explorer C
How about an Ompa Loompa?
Explorer C
Bucky Badger, donned at Madison's (in)famous Halloween "Freakfest". Your presence and attire announce desperately desired service to and from Madison (MSN). Alternatively, #4 in a New York Jet's jersey and helmet would certainly garner some attention. Madison Halloween details: Dane County Regional Airport (Should you need directions): Onward!
Explorer C
I say something Harry Potter themed as a protest for WB pushing the movie back... You look like you'd make a good Haggrid.
Frequent Flyer C
It's not glitzy or glamorous, but with his height and given our Company's "Symbol of Freedom" ideals, I've always thought Gary would make an awesome Abe Lincoln. "Three score and seven years ago, our Fathers brought forth on this continent, a new airline, conceived in LUV, and dedicated to the idea that air travel should be affordable to all." Millie Richter
Explorer C
Okay, saw the link to your page off CNET news. I have had this idea for quite awhile and it still stands as my best Halloween costume idea ever. I will share it with you if you help me find the cattle-attachment so I can also use this costume this year. The idea is to dress as Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men. Imagine the hair(wig), clothing, gas tank, and cattle-killing attachment. A chilling but cool costume idea. Shoot me an email and let me know what you end up choosing. Here is a picture on IMBD: Thanks, Ryan M.
Explorer C
I too think you would look GREAT as well as being a hit as Indiana Jones, :):)
Explorer C
Gary: You should dress up as Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies.
Explorer C
I loved last year and think you look great in drag! How about dressing as Colleen and you wouldn't have to shave your legs--she usually wears pants. It would also be a passing of her torch.
Explorer C
How about Cruella DeVille and all of your support staff could be dalmation puppies.... perhaps 101 of them?
Adventurer B
Indiana Jones, definitely... :o)
Explorer C
Indiana Jones would be pretty cool. Make sure to wear the classic hat, trench, boots and whip.
Explorer C
I'm thinking Yoda from Star Wars or Obi-Wan. If not, maybe a Blues Brother.
Explorer C
I Have two suggestions: 1. Herb Kelleher 2. Swa Flight Attendants from 1970's
Explorer C
BIG FOOT! Sasquatch! just stay out of the woods 8~)
Explorer C
I think you should go Old Skool rock and roll and go with Slash from Guns and Roses!
Explorer C
How about Speed Racer.
Explorer C
Explorer C
Gary should be Batman. Everyone knows Batman rules and Gary would look awesome in the costume. Batman is a Superhero and Gary is our Superhero!
Explorer C
You could "go green" and dress as a fuel hedge 🙂 Of course if you are looking for something a bit more recognizable, I'll throw my vote to the Indiana Jones crowd.
Explorer C
I think that Gary should pay tribute to the almighty "fuel hedge". Go with a gas pump body and a live shrub/hedge as a hat. You could have Scott Topping as a sidekick armed with a hedge trimmer. Give Wall St. something to speculate about!
Explorer C
Gary, you're a tall guy, so I propose Chewbacca. If fur isn't your thing, then maybe you could be Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek, the Next Generation. You'll need to shave your head for the authentic look. 😉
Explorer C
How about Elmer Fudd?