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Helping the Helpers: When Disaster Strikes

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With the earthquake in Nepal, violent spring thunderstorms, tornadoes, and widespread flooding in the U.S., the need for long-term massive response is growing.

All of Southwest Airlines’ disaster preparedness and response partners have been activated, and resources are in high demand.  While we support American Red Cross, Team Rubicon, All Hands Network, and AmeriCares each year, we want to show them the LUV right now as they respond to these disasters.  We have committed to match up to $10,000 of new donations they receive from now until Friday, May 29.*  To join us, please donate on each organization’s individual website by clicking on the links above.

Our Community Partners plan to make a difference domestically in the following ways:

  AmeriCares has pledged support to our health clinic and emergency response partners in Texas, Oklahoma, and other states affected by the ongoing severe weather.  Recent flooding raises health concerns and creates a need for tetanus vaccines, provision of medicines, and hygiene/clean-up items – all materials AmeriCares has pre-positioned and stands ready to deploy. Capture The American Red Cross provides shelter, food, water, relief supplies, health services, and emotional support to people in areas affected by disaster.  In the central U.S., The American Red Cross has also contributed in the following ways:
  • More than 220 people spent Memorial Day working in American Red Cross shelters in the two states.
  • Since early May, American Red Cross workers have opened 30 shelters, served more than 23,000 meals and snacks, and handed out 31,000 relief items and cleaning supplies in Texas.  Nearly 700 American Red Cross volunteers are assisting in disaster efforts with 22 emergency response vehicles, and additional people and vehicles are on alert if needed.
  • Volunteers are distributing food, comfort kits, and cleaning supplies in ARC shelters and from ARC response vehicles circulating in some neighborhoods when it’s safe to do so.
  Team Rubicon applies the skills and experience of military veterans to first-responders in order to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.  They are currently evaluating the areas demonstrating the greatest need and are at the ready to launch a response and help those affected by recent storms.  Team Rubicon service projects vary in size and objective, often involving mucking out houses, removing large debris from homes with heavy equipment, and searching affected areas through coordinated efforts with other responding agencies. Team Rubicon All Hands Volunteers addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters, engaging and leveraging volunteers, partner organizations and local communities. They coordinate both their own network of volunteers and “spontaneous” volunteers to ensure an effective relief effort and are currently in the process of evaluating how those volunteers can best contribute to this particular situation.  

As hurricane season approaches, we encourage you to review and share the following resources with your friends and loved ones:


How to Prepare for a Flood 

Build Your Survival Kit

American Red Cross apps addressing Floods, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes

  * Each of the organizations above successful raised $10,000, and Southwest is proud to match these donations for each of these organizations.