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High School Internship: Still Can't Believe It!

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Can I just say that I am still trying to process the fact that I’m getting the opportunity to participate in Southwest’s first Campus Reach High School Internship Program! I just can’t wrap my head around it. My name is Morgen Amalbert, and I’m going to be a senior at Newman Smith High School in Carrollton, Texas. I’m a musical theater junkie who loves physics and video editing. I don’t know if it’s the canned water or the packaged peanuts, but there is just something about the smile of a Southwest Employee that can make you forget your awkward teenage nature and truly feel like a part of the Southwest Family. It all started with my interviewing process. Upon my arrival at TOPS, being welcomed by the Southwest Employees immediately flushed all of my anxiety out the door. I simply picked my top three Departments of interest, sat down for my interviews, and had a remarkable time. Contrary to a typical, intimidating, impersonal job interview, each of my interviews with Southwest were surprisingly comforting, enjoyable, and outright fun to do. You couldn’t have imagined the excitement I felt after being informed that I got accepted into the internship program. I just knew that I was becoming a part of something special. Now, in terms of what I actually do as a Southwest High School Intern, I can honestly say that every day on the job is unique. My specific role is to assist with Employment in the People Department. Luckily, I joined the crew in the middle of their training week at Trinity Towers, right before I got to attend the Southwest Summer Camp the following week. From learning the ropes on how to be a productive People representative to asking Herb Kelleher a question in front of my fellow campers, I can truly say that my first two weeks on the job have been unforgettable. I am looking forward to the many experiences I will get to share with my fellow Interns (my second family) and my new Southwest Team. I know I have only scratched the surface of this internship experience. However, in the first two weeks, Southwest has helped me observe exceptional Customer Service, along with a genuine sense of Company Culture. In the first two weeks, Southwest has opened my eyes to new experiences, new occupations, and new passions. In the first two weeks, Southwest has changed the course of my future for the better. Frankly, I am still trying to process it.