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Holly's On-The-Road Workout Plan

Explorer C

Traveling doesn’t always mean taking a vacation from your workout, does it?  During my seven years of working as a Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines, I’ve found a variety of ways to work-out in my home away from home! Of course, most hotels have a complimentary gym, but what if it is crammed full of people, doesn’t offer enough equipment, or have the size weights you need?  Well, no worries! Thankfully, with a smartphone paired with a fabulous Tone-It-Up workout on YouTube, you have just what you need. These workouts are free and use your body weight for resistance.

You can also watch these videos or even bring your P90X or Insanity DVD’s on your laptop or a small DVD player. Another thing I love to throw in my roller bag are my resistance bands. These bands are perfect for on the road workouts!

Here are a few exercises I do with my bands: 

Alternating Chest Press
Wrap the band around a sturdy object behind you at chest level.  Begin with the elbows bent to 90 degrees, forearms parallel to the floor.  Keep the right arm stationary and press the left arm out.  Bring the left arm back and then press forward with the right arm.  Continue alternating arms for a total of 16 reps on each side. 
Bicep Curls
Stand on the band and hold handles with palms facing out. Keeping abs in and knees slightly bent, bend arms and bring palms toward shoulders in a bicep curl. Position feet wider for more tension. Return to start and repeat.

Stand on the band with feet shoulder-width apart, keeping tension on the band by holding a half-bicep curl. Lower into a squat, keeping knees behind toes, and pulling on the band to add tension. Return to start and repeat.
And, last but not least... my all-time favorite work out move in my hotel room:
Chair Dips for Triceps
Sit on a bench or chair. Begin with the hands next to or slightly under the hips. Lift up onto the hands and bring the hips forward. Bend the elbows (no lower than 90 degrees) and lower the hips down, keeping them very close to the chair. Keep the shoulders down. Push back up without locking the elbows and repeat for 10-16 reps.
I’d love to hear about any workouts you love while on the road!
Happy travels! 
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Explorer C
Push ups (wide, narrow, pike, stacked foot, staggered hands, dive bomber, etc...), lunges (back and side), pistols, wall squats, jumping jacks, jack squats, burpees, side hip raise, mountain climbers, steam engine, 1 legged dead lift, bicycles, v-up, etc.... There are so many moves that require no weights or a gym, this isn't just for the road this is a workout style for many. HIIT (high intensity interval training) uses few if any weights and is great at developing overall functional fitness and strength. Plus with so many free HIIT workouts on youtube and so many fitness websites, there is NEVER an excuse to skip a workout (at home or on the road). Thanks for a great article Holly!