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Holy SWAtrimony: Marrying my Friends in the Sky with a Little Help from Southwest Airlines

Explorer C

Flight #3207 from PDX to DAL was an unforgettable experience for two of my dearest friends because of the entire Flight Crew.


large2.jpgI’m a Flight Attendant based in Dallas who recently used buddy passes to fly friends up to Portland to take their engagement photos and enjoy a night in the city. On the way home, I thought it would be fun to "marry" them due to the long duration of the flight and the fact that I’ll likely never be on a Southwest flight with both of them together ever again—I wanted to make it special while I had the chance.


I asked the Flight Attendants working our flight if I could make a crown and a veil and they were not only accommodating, but so enthusiastic about the entire idea. One of the Flight Attendants, Carlo, offered me a glow stick to make a necklace, while another Flight Attendant, Deanna, helped me keep the entire thing a secret—everyone on the flight, including the Pilots, were in on the surprise.


A bouquet for the “bride” was made out of napkins and coffee packets, the usual veil was crafted lovingly out of peanut packages and coffee stirrers, and of course, videos and pictures were taken to commemorate the special occasion. I was even allowed to speak on the PA during the flight and "marry" my two friends in Holy SWAtrimony. To top it all off, they were met with a bottle of champagne upon arrival at the gate. 


large.jpgWe also had the idea to pass out napkins and asked the other Passengers to share marriage advice with the happy couple. The “bride,” Catalina, said that the marriage advice on the napkins is going to be her favorite and most cherished gift. She mentioned that she had never felt so loved and supported than in that moment! And thank you to Carlo for all of the wonderful honeymoon advice you gave her about Greece—she has already added it to her honeymoon itinerary.


I cannot thank the entire Flight Crew and Passengers of Flight #3207 enough; you truly embody what Southwest is all about. Catalina and Matt will remember this forever, and I could not have accomplished any of it without your help and Fun-LUVing Attitudes.