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How Aiden got his Greyhound Back

Explorer C


We recently took a family trip to see the solar eclipse. The first part of the trip was a Southwest flight to Atlanta. After the flight, Captain Mark Roling let the kids sit in the cockpit to take a few pictures.


While my son, Aiden, was in the cockpit, he dropped his stuffed greyhound. It wasn’t until we were off the plane that we realized it was missing—the Flight Attendant even went back to look around the row we were sitting. When he came back, he told us he couldn’t find it.



A few days later, I received a call from the Captain. He told me that he found the greyhound in the cockpit and asked for our address to mail it back. Yesterday, the greyhound arrived, along with a handwritten letter from the Captain and a few photos of him flying across the country. Thanks to Southwest for returning Aiden’s greyhound and always thinking of your Customers!