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How I spent my summer vacation

Adventurer C
Summer's winding down. I can almost hear those back to school ads. Most importantly, I am anxiously awaiting the start of college football season. So what do you do before the season really kicks in? Let me reminisce about how I've spent my summer.... Getting out of the Phoenix heat by escaping to cooler Northern Arizona. A Howard family reunion in Rome! OK it was Rome, Wisconsin, but I still had a blast with my freaky family. Catching up with friends I can't seem to hook up with the rest of the year for lunch and dinner. Enjoying better rush hour traffic in Phoenix. Believe it or not, it makes a big difference when school starts and the cooler weather sets in and all of our winter visitors come back. Enjoying my brother-in-law's famous "Moscow Mules". (It is a requirement to drink this in a copper mug.) Watched quite a few World Cup games and actually enjoyed it. Congrats to the Italian team. What about you? What did you do this summer?
Adventurer C
You're not kidding about the heat this year!! We are in St. Louis and it has been a VERY hot summer here this year.. We are actually traveling to our 2nd home in Bradenton FL to get out of the heat!! lol This summer has been a BIG one for us..We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Maui (1st trip to Hawaii by the way) My hubby turned 50 this year and we took a group of friends that we have known since childhood and flew to our home in Bradenton (SW of course to Tampa) and took the catarmaran out of Ft. Myers to Key West for several days.. We had a really good time and already have plans to all get together again next year to do something similar.. We spend alot more time with friends and family since we bought the house in Florida, best thing we could have done.. We fly with SW quite a bit, an average of every 6 weeks or so and I can't think of another airline that's better.. The few times that we have had to fly other airlines its alot more stressful from the get-go.. Thanks SW for making our trips more enjoyable!! Sure wish you would bring back STL to SRQ but its still worth the hour trip from STL to TPA to fly with an airline that has the best group of fun loving people in the industry!! A BIG Thank You to all of you! Cindy
Explorer C
I spent my summer being a mad scientist. Well, not exactly a mad scientist, but I had an internship in a chemical lab. I did take a lot of time flying back and forth between Philadelphia and here. Mostly I was just the typical lazy, loafy college student.
Explorer C
I spent my summer flying on Southwest!!! I flew somewhere on Southwest every month this summer (May, June, and July). I always enjoying flying Southwest, but am ready to get back to school, at the University of Kentucky! I wish I could fly Southwest everyday instead of studying!!!
Adventurer B
Some things I've done this summer are volunteer work at 3 camps for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, & CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) kids & teens, volunteer work at TSHA, Inc., I celebrated my 30th birthday last week, & I'm saving the best for last, which is flying Southwest to Dallas to attend my group interview last month, & I'm doing the same this month, this time to attend my one-on-one! Flying Southwest & attending my interviews are definitely the highlights of my summer; not that the other things I've done have been bad-they're not. Who knows, Carinne & Nicholas, maybe one day I'll serve you on a Southwest flight! Carinne, my parents & I love Philadelphia! :)
Explorer B
Just got back from my hubby's 30th high school reunion. Thirty years is the great equalizer! It will also make you keenly aware of what happens when you DO or DON'T take care of yourself. Everyone was the same age, but there could have been a 20 year difference if you judge by attitude or health. So for those of you out there contemplating growing old gracefully... Go eat some fruit and take a walk! (Oh, and a box of hair dye doesn't hurt either!)
Explorer C
I love your services and products, many thanks!
Explorer C
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