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How Southwest Honored a WWII Veteran

Explorer C

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I recently traveled from Michigan to Kansas City with my dad, and I can’t thank Southwest enough for the special attention they gave him. My dad is a World War II Veteran, and the Pilot came and sat by him for about 15 minutes to talk to him about his service. When the Pilot returned to the cockpit, he turned on his microphone, mentioned him by name, and told everyone that because of my dad’s service to this country, he could do what he loves to do today—fly planes. After that, people clapped and thanked my dad.


We were celebrating his birthday too, so the Flight Attendant was kind enough to wish him a happy birthday. Everyone turned out their reading lights and told my dad that these were his candles. They sang happy birthday to him, and then we all “blew out” our candles as we turned our lights off. This was an extra special touch and really made him smile.


He’s not one to draw attention to himself and never wanted to travel to Washington D.C. for an Honor Flight—this was his Honor Flight. Thanks again, Southwest, for this special attention.

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